Easy Charcuterie Board

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We are FOODIES!  This means that we love to eat, sample, and cook foods of all kinds.  (Sidebar… they actually like frog legs?!?)  However, Chef Jess pointed out to me recently that I have been lacking.  “How so?”  I asked?  She replied that I don’t make hors d’oeuvres for them like I do when I am having a party for other people.  Hmmm.  Sigh…  She was right!  So, I decided to change this because I realized that, in her mind, “hors d’oeuvres” mean that the person visiting is really important.  So, on a random weekday….  we made a charcuterie board for an extra special after school snack simply because I wanted my babies to know that they are more important to me than ANYONE else. ๐Ÿ˜‰

It is super easy, and won’t break the bank!  Pick out a couple of your favorite cheeses.  Cheddar is a kid favorite, but venture out a bit and add another.  They chose sharp cheddar, smoked gouda, and brie. Chef Jess handpicked the meats…Capocollo Salame, hard Salami, and Prosciutto.   To round it out, Chef Fresh added grapes, blueberries, dried cherries, almonds, and soft garlic cheese.   


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Lemon Herbed Cornish Hens with Jalepeno, Sausage and Currant Dressing

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“Taylor Swift is the best singer of all time!” exclaimed Chef Jess when Wildest Dreams came on during our car ride home from school.  I’ll be honest, my neck is still sore from how quickly I turned to look at her to see if maybe she was running a fever.  After realizing that she was ABSOLUTELY SERIOUS, I tried desperately to help her reason.  “But, seriously…. you can’t tell me that Taylor Swift is a better singer than Whitney Houston???” I immediately responded.  “Well, Whitney’s okay…..but she’s no Ariana Grande!” she shot back.  SIGH!!!!!!!!!!  Operation Music Deprogramming was suddenly catapulted into action! lol    So while we “cheffed,” MY playlist played in the background. ๐Ÿ˜‰

It’s been really, really, REALLY cold here in Atlanta, so my young chefs and I have been craving some heartwarming foods.  The other night my minions and I worked together to make a meal so delicious that we just sat back and smiled at each other across the table.  No really…it was stupidly delicious!  Chef Jess (our resident meat expert) wanted to create a mock Thanksgiving meal…. sans turkey.  Instead, she chose Cornish hens.  Of course no Thanksgiving  meal is complete without dressing (or stuffing as many of y’all call it;)  So, Chef Fresh and I came up with a savory dressing with a slight kick.  After all, we are Caribbean. ๐Ÿ™‚  As the young chefs divided the task list and prepped their items, Mommy (aka The Sous) loaded Spotify, and soon the sweet voices of Aretha, Whitney, Etta, and Marvin Gaye filled the room.

As I danced around, Chef Jess prepped the hens and Chef Fresh chopped up ciabatta bread into cubes.  He drizzled the cubes with olive oil, and a pinch of salt/pepper, then browned them in the oven.


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