Chef Jess



Hi!!!! My name is Chef Jess.  Well, actually that’s not really my name, but it’s what I like to be called in the kitchen.  I’ve been cooking with my mommy since I was pretty young.  At first, I basically just watched her and my brother.  However, I am now a pro!  My favorite thing to cook is meat.  I absolutely love experimenting with different seasonings, and putting my own twist on classic dishes.  I learned this from my mom because she has always likes to add a hint of the Caribbean to just about every meal. 

In addition to cooking, my other passion is to read fiction books.  You will typically find me curled up on the couch reading just about every morning, evening, and afternoon.  That is why I have been begging my mom to help me write my OWN book….A recipe book of our delicious foods!  We are finally working on that now.  Yippppeeeeeee!!!!!!

I hope you enjoy our site and our recipes!  Please try them out, and share pictures.  Remember to plate beautifully because that makes your food look even more appetizing.



Chef Jess

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