The Sous Chef

Hi There!!!!

I’m Mom…a.k.a. Sous Chef:)  My kids and I started cooking together several years ago because they were both individually VERY picky eaters.  My eldest was distrustful of anything unfamiliar, and the baby WOULD NOT eat anything green.  Soooo, out of desperation, I tried incorporating them in the cooking process.  In the early days, I was the boss, and they came up to my knees.  But now I’m Sous, AND the shortest in the kitchen!  Gotta’ love it.  They focus their culinary interest in meat and seafood.  However, I try my darndest to make veggies  and fruits the superstars.  This is why our site name is Together Three Chef!  It takes the three of us to make a beautiful plate.  Soooo…Together (We) THREE Chef!

Aside from being their assistant, I am also an educational Psychologist.  So (without them knowing), I use our time in the kitchen to talk about things, and to pick their brains.  They don’t even realize that we’re tackling touchy subjects, because we have fun dicing, chopping, julienning, sautéing, frying, baking, and grilling.  🙂

This has been such a wonderful journey for our family, because we use our time in the kitchen to draw close together.  We talk about all types of things while we “chef.”  Bullying, puberty, reality TV, religion… It’s all been covered while cooking.  For us, it’s all about Faith, Family, Food.  In that order.

I thank you so much for visiting our site!  They have been wanting to create a food blog for years.  However, it was only recently that I truly felt that they were ready to take this on.